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HOW TO SEND BROADWAY FANMAIL (And Get a Picture/Playbill in Return)


  • 3 stamps
  • a pen
  • tape (optional)
  • a letter you’ve written
  • a 6”x9” manila clasp envelope
  • an 8.5”x12” (or anything bigger than 6”x9”) manila envelope

The S.A.S.E. (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope):

These exist because Broadway actors/the theatres can’t afford shipping on the thousands of fanmail requests they get each year. Pony up for what you’re asking for! As shown, 6”x9” envelopes are just the right size to fit a playbill or a photo in (which the theatre will provide to you for free).

Addressing/Preparing Your S.A.S.E.:

  • Put two stamps where the stamps go. More if you’re shipping international. This will help account for the weight of the playbil (for a photo you can probably get away with just one)
  • Address BOTH the “TWO” and the “FROM” to you. This will ensure that the playbill or picture gets to you, even if for some reason there isn’t enough postage!
  • Tape over the clasp on the inside of the envelope. This will protect your playbill/photo during shipping from getting weird indentations into it. Use about 5/6 layers of tape for this!

Addressing/Preparing your Main/Whole Envelope:

  • Address the “TO” section to the actor you’re trying to send it to! Put [Actors Full Name], [Theatre Name Stagedoor] and then write the address of the theatre.
  • Example:
    Christine Dwyer
    Gershwin Theatre Stage Door
    222 W. 51st St.
    New York, NY 10019
  • A list of theatre adresses! (YOU MUST HAVE A ZIPCODE ON IT OR THE POST OFFICE WILL SEND IT BACK. Look up the zipcode by simply searching the name of the theatre on Google. It should pop up.)
  • Address the “FROM” section to you, so in case there is a problem, the post office can send your letter back to you.
  • Put a stamp where the stamp goes! (When in doubt, add an extra stamp. If you’re shipping international, see your shipping fees and add stamps accordingly.)

Sending The Fanmail:

  • Put unsealed S.A.S.E. and letter into Whole Envelope.
  • Seal Whole Envelope.
  • Put the Whole Envelope in your local Post Office Drop Box!

And you’re done! Now you wait!


  • Some actors don’t have photos. Generally only the leads are given photos to send. (Example: in Wicked, Elphaba lead, Glinda lead, Fiyero lead, the Wizard, and the two Elphaba and Glinda standbys are given photos to send out, but Nessarose, Boq, Dr. Dillamond, and members of the ensemble do not.)
  • If your actor is not high up enough to get photos printed for them,  you can include a photo to get signed. Make sure that you print the photo on high quality photo paper and that the photo is relevant!
  • Actors are busy people. They run 8+ shows a week and have personal lives. Some have second jobs besides their acting job. They’ll send your picture back eventually! (But don’t get angry if they don’t!)

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When your director just keeps giving you notes.


When your director just keeps giving you notes.


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